LETTER 3 • October 12, 2018

Dear Parents:

Peace! Thank you very much for your continued support. Just a few reminders: Briefly,

  1. TICKET ORDERS – As of today, here is inventory for tickets remaining:

    • Thursday, Oct. 8 = 168

    • Friday, Oct. 9 = 219

    • Saturday, Oct. 10 = 146

    • Sunday, Oct. 11 = 100

    We have a long way to go in reaching a full house for all the performances. Please continue to sell tickets, especially if you haven’t met your suggested goal of 20 tickets per family. If you have sold more than the quota (and most of you have, others even double), thank you very much!

    I will start distributing the tickets (if you marked “send home with student”) by Oct. 27.

  2. FOOD/ SNACKS – Thank you very much for the families who have been providing pb&j sandwiches, nutella, pizza, snacks, fruits, snack bars and the like, at rehearsals.

  3. BOTTLED WATER – we would like to request that each cast member donate 1 case of the “full” bottled water. You may start bringing them by Nov. 2nd.

  4. HOT MEAL DINNERS – Thank you very much for the families who have already volunteered to provide dinners during the week of production for the cast, crew and make-up volunteer. I believe there are still available slots for sharing. Thank you in advance.

  5. PROGRAM ADS – Deadline: October 27. Please fill out the online form emailed to you. You can also find the button below. Bring in a check made payable to “St Francis Theater – Program”

  6. SHIRT order forms – Deadline: OCT. 25

  7. Nov. 11 – MASS AT 10AM and brunch right after

  8. DVD order forms – the deadline is on NOV. 12, or just send the form and check payable to St. Francis HS- KNIT. We can only accept orders from cast and crew members.

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for your sacrifices, adjustments, and contributions.

Gob bless. Let’s keep praying for our performers and our families to be healthy and safe, always.

Mr. Eulalia