St. Francis High School Visual & Performing Arts presents:

William Shakespeare's Hamlet

St. Francis High School's production of Hamlet performs November 8 - November 11, 2018. Please do not audition if you are unavilable these dates or the two weeks preceding it. 

Audition Dates: August. 29 & 30, 2018, 2 – 5PM
What to Prepare: Choose one from below. It is preferred that you memorize these lines (or have a handy sheet)



  1. Act 1, Scene 3, Lines 63 (“Give thy thoughts…) – 84 (…thou canst be false to man.)

  2. Act 1, Scene 4, Lines 64 (“Brief, let me be…) – 84 (…imperfections on my head.)

  3. Act 3, Scene 1, Lines 63 (To be, or not to be… ) – 95 (…name of action.)


  1. Act 3, Scene 2, Lines 463 (“Anon he finds him…) – to 492 (…as low as to the fiends.)

  2. Act 4, Scene 5, Lines 48 (Pray let’s have no words…) – 75 (…good night.)
    SKIP other characters’ one liners in between

  3. Act 4, Scene 7, Lines 181 (“There is a willow…) – 198 (…to muddy death.)

All auditions will take place at the Degheri theater at St. Francis High School (200 Foothill Blvd., La Cañada-Flintridge, CA 91011). Auditions are open to St. Francis High School students and women attending high school in the Los Angeles area. SFHS students can sign up for a 10-minute audition slot in the Administrative Offices beginning August 20, 2018. Women from other high schools may call into the offices to reserve a spot.